Who we are

Grown up in the startup culture, we always believe in technology as a disruption medium. We have a passionate team about technology, solutions and innovation.

We always work in group with our clients: they can be entrepreneurs, companies or advertising agencies, creating new products, services, experiences and digital businesses.

We don’t underestimate any project. We use our nous and gumption since the creation of a simple page to complex consulting and applications. In the execution, we do agile processes according to the needs, guaranteeing quality and compliance deadline.

Our service is not simply to serve the client, but also to relate to each one of them, helping them to transform new challenges into great goals achieved, remodeling their business through the technological environment.

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We think that the first step is the team to “fall in love” with the idea or project, and then move on to share experience and offer our expertise.

We work with a senior and custom team for each project or need.

Coffee, Analysis, Sprints, Development, Testing and Publishing are steps to creating the product.

Our philosophy is always run from approved scope or flow and others, but never without validation or detailing. The Product Owner, Project Manager and Technical Leader define, together, the priorities and tasks for Sprints creation. In the first week the client already has something to validate.

In the “hosting” of the client or the Bg7 ones, the client will always have an way of homologation and can follow, if he wants, by version control, daily commits of tasks and further tools.
Besides the feedback and assistance from the Project Manager, we create groups via Skype, if its necessary to involve more IT staff, for the communication have no problems, and always be monitored by the GP.

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