Sites Development, Applications and Apis

Developing for us is not only writing a code, but also understanding that technology is a device, not a product.

01. Mobile Applications or Progressive Web App
Hybrids, native or adaptive. For ios, android or windows platforms.
02. Apis Rest ou Web Services or Smart Api
Modeling and development of Apis, making it easier both for companies that only use visual equipment, as well as for clients who want to expand their business, through intelligent APIs and Internet devices.
03. Responsive Web Applications
Institutional site, Intranets, E-Commerces and others with optimized codes.
04. Maintenance
We have packages and plans of hours to do the maintenance of the product or website. We also offer total monitoring and infrastructure support.

Data Science

“What will really popularize Big Data will be its ability to connect, not only data scientists and technologists, but professionals from all areas of knowledge. Undoubtedly, one of the main ways to do that is using visualizations that don’t just show data, numbers, or even graphics, but that make all those elements come to life. “

01. Customized Dashboards
We “humanized” multiple data sets into one place according to the customer’s need.

Consulting & Design Sprint

In partnership with Saiba-Mais.

01. Chat
A chat is enough to know about the product and direct the customer to find the best way to development.
02. Budget
Our budgets are specific to each project, for each client. We can combine real needs and viable costs.
03. Deadlines
Our deadlines are real, agile and quality
04. Prototype
Team and customer talk until we can give life to the product. Therefore, we will create a prototype to test your product

UX/UI Creative Design

In Partner with SaibaMais

01. Usability Tests
We test acceptance, fluidity and understanding of your product
02. Process Flows
We design the flow of navigation and use of your product / system. We can set a direction for navigation exactly as you wish, avoiding surprises or misuse, confusion and lack of fluidity.
03. Layout
Intelligent and beautiful interfaces focused on user experience
04. Creative Design
Incorporate concepts that can contribute to innovative practices

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